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Corporate Massage for San Francisco

In-Symmetry Spa's fully licensed and CAMTC certified massage massage therapists give massages for corporate and private events in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Corporations and organizations in the San Francisco Bay Area understand the importance of fostering employee health and happiness to attract and retain top talent. We offer premium on-location massages, delivered by licensed massage therapists available 7 days a week.

Elevate your company culture by collaborating with In-Symmetry Spa at your workplace. Whether it's a one-time indulgence or a recurring office wellness initiative, our team ensures your employees feel rejuvenated and valued amidst their demanding work schedules. With our top-rated, professional, and personable massage therapists, we guarantee a seamless experience that leaves a lasting impression on your team.


How does a corporate massage event work?

In-Symmetry Spa's top-tier, fully licensed and CAMTC certified massage therapists are at your service, ready to travel directly to your doorstep. Equipped with everything needed to transform a workplace area into a sanctuary of relaxation, we bring massage tables, soothing music, and freshly laundered towels, ensuring a relaxing experience.

Massages can be part of a one-time wellness retreat or as a recurring perk for your San Francisco employees, whether on a monthly or bi-weekly basis. Corporate massages are a wonderful gesture of appreciation, helping your employees feel valued while reducing their stress.

During an in-office massage, therapists target tension-prone areas such as the neck, back, and arms—common afflictions from prolonged desk work and typing. Typically lasting between 15-30 minutes per session, therapists efficiently address multiple employees, ensuring each receives the attention they deserve. With no need for special preparation or clothing removal, employees can relax comfortably during the massage, seamlessly transitioning back to work feeling refreshed and reinvigorated.

Massage Table

What is the minimum engagement for a corporate massage?


All corporate massages are priced at $150 per hour, per therapist. Your group may have multiple therapists at once if you wish. The minimum overall booking length is one therapist for 2 hours total. Travel fees may apply depending on location.

I'm not a corporation, can I still book group massage for my event?

Absolutely. Corporate massages can be booked for your group or organization. It's a great way to show appreciation, celebrate, or create a relaxed atmosphere for bachelorette parties, a wellness retreat, conference, or sports team gathering. 

How long are the massages?


Typically each massage lasts 15 or 30 minutes per individual. Each session includes massage time plus a 2-minute turnover to reset between individuals, however you can customize the time length to meet the needs of your group. The minimum session length is 15 minutes including a 2 minute turnover, and the maximum session length is 30 minutes.

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