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"The Gold Standard in San Francisco..."

"In-Symmetry is the gold standard in San Francisco as locally owned and operated massage therapy. After moving to the Bay Area amid the pandemic in early 2020, I wasn't sure when I'd even be able to get in-person physical massage therapy while going through ACL surgery recovery. Finding In-Symmetry was a game changer. Locally owned and operated, Candace worked with local business owners to comply with guidelines to reopen in late 2020. Since then, I have had only incredible services that have been invaluable to my knee recovery and overall well-being. Knowledgeable, communicative, empathetic, professional, and truly talented -- Michelle in particular. In-Symmetry's massage therapists have even helped teach me stretches I can do at home to provide some regular relief when I'm unable to go in for a massage. Each session has brought me more relief than services I've gotten to have while at all the bells and whistles 5-star day spas such as Miami's Mandarin Oriental. No nonsense excellent service from start to finish. Communicate your needs and experience incredible relief."

- Grace D.

At In-Symmetry Spa in San Francisco, we provide deep-tissue massage with a structural focus, perfect for athletes, pregnant women, people with desk jobs, service workers, or anyone with chronic pain. All of our massage and facial treatments have the ability to add on our signature hot stone therapy, guaranteed to melt tension away. Our boutique skin care program offers facials, waxing, and microdermabrasion, featuring professional products and customized attention. Founded in 1999, our unique spa aims to provide accessible wellness options for our San Francisco community.

The concept of “symmetry” revolves around balance. When any of the multiple elements of your being fall out of balance, your body responds with tension, stress, and pain. Therapeutic massage helps rectify this, giving your body tools to combat stressors and cultivate well-being. At In-Symmetry Spa we believe the condition of your body mirrors the state of your mind. The emotional balance bodywork provides can often be just as vital and valuable as the more tangible physical benefits such as increased circulation, greater range of motion, reduction of tension, and activation of the parasympathetic nervous system.

We strive to offer massage, skin care services and products for any budget. Setting aside time and money for bodywork at consistent intervals is truly an investment in your health and wellness, both physical and mental. Visit our San Francisco day spa in the Mission today, and get your body In-Symmetry.

Proud to Serve San Francisco


A Message from Candace Combs,
In-Symmetry's CEO

"Thank you for your interest in learning more about In-Symmetry Spa! Here at In-Symmetry, results-oriented treatments are our cornerstone services. We offer you the option to add on hot stone therapy to massages and facials - another tool in our toolkit to help us get deeper into your muscles and help relieve you of pain. Our skin care has the same purpose: getting deep and finding balance.

The reason we chose “In-Symmetry Spa” for our name is because it means “in balance,” and my goal is to help everyone become more balanced. We all forget to take care of ourselves. We all forget–with our jobs, school, having children–that the most important thing is taking care of ourselves. Without finding balance in our life we can’t help anyone else.

In-Symmetry is available as an affordable tool because I believe a key part of getting your life in balance is getting regular bodywork. Becoming a balanced human being incorporates many things – bodywork, facials, acupuncture, Pilates, dance, meditation – anything that helps you quiet your mind. I believe that when you achieve balance in your body, your mind quiets and you can find peace.

Everything in the world today feels pressured, expensive and stressful. It takes us out of our peaceful place: it takes us out of balance. In-Symmetry Spa’s purpose is to be a nurturing, mellow, inexpensive environment that allows people to come in, let go of their worries, and start to get in balance. I truly believe that deep bodywork, really getting into the muscles and knots, relieves us of so much. I studied under a structural bodyworker, so my focus is always on structure. This means you stand straighter at the end of the day; it means you’re more in balance.

Bodywork and facials are all about intuition and I feel the people I hire are extremely intuitive. I interview everyone I bring on, so they’re hand-picked. Try all of our therapists, they each have something different to offer you, and they might each meet your needs in different ways, at different times. I believe I hire some of the best bodyworkers in the city, and I hope you do, too.

I feel like In-Symmetry is more than just a day spa in San Francisco. We are a community of bodyworkers here to help all of us become a little more in balance."

Be well,


Candace Combs, CEO

Message from Candace

Room Rental at In-Symmetry Spa

If you are in the healing arts and looking for a thriving spa and business to rent a room from for your practice, we could be your perfect fit! In-Symmetry Spa is located in the vibrant part of the Mission District by Tartine Manufacturer, Gus’s and Heath Ceramics; now known as the Mission Creek District. We have been in business for over 23 years and in this location for over 13 years. We are a wellness spa specializing in results-driven massage including deep tissue, sports, and prenatal. We also have esthetician services. We are looking for wonderful renters. $400 per month, example: every Monday for the month would be $400, if you have Monday & Tuesday it would be $800 ect.


The space includes:

  • Fantastic ambiance and waiting area

  • Washer-dryer

  • Break room

  • Dishwasher

  • High-speed internet

  • HVAC

  • And linens

Room Retal
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