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Lash Services For Luscious Eyelashes

  • 20+ years in business in the Mission District

  • Multiple certified estheticians on staff

  • 10% off for first time customers

  • Healthier than lash extensions

  • LGTBQIA+ owned business

Actual customer before & after.


Lash Services Menu

Lash Lift

Classic Lash Lift  $115

Lash Tint + Lift  $125

Lash Tint

Lash Tint  $40

Add On Services

Brow Clean Up + Tint +$65

Image by Amanda Dalbjörn

About Lash Services

Lash Lift

Lash lifting is the process of using a lash safe perm to enhance and curl your natural lashes. It’s a great service for anyone whose natural lashes grow down, or for anyone who is trying to eliminate mascara and a lash curler from their routine. The results will last around 4-6 weeks, and there is no after care besides the recommendation to not wear waterproof mascara.

Lash Tint

Eyelashes naturally taper at their tips and reduce in pigment. By tinting your lashes you enhance their fullness and length in a long-lasting way. Look like you're wearing mascara, without having to apply it, remove it, or deal with it smudging. A lash tint adds a mere 2-10 more minutes to any esti service. Lashes will stay tinted for about 3-5 weeks.

Brow Tint

Remove the daily task of coloring in your brows by opting for a brow tint. Brow tinting allows a professional to darken the main brow hairs as well as surrounding delicate hairs so that the brow can then be shaped into the desired form. Brows stay colored for about 4-6 weeks. 

Brow Clean Up

During a brow clean up, your esthetician will use either waxing or tweezing to clean up your existing established brow shape. Your professional will select the hair removal method best suited to your skin type and skincare regimen. This service option is only availalbe for those who have had their brows shaped or cleaned up with in 5 weeks, otherwise opt for our brow waxing.

Disclaimer: this service only enhances and defines your lashes, nothing is glued on or attached. It will not yield the best results if your lashes are extremely short/fine/sparse. 

Please review our Cancellation Policy.

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