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Recipe to Successfully Overcome Challenges

Updated: May 13, 2021


It’s a new year, and many folks (us included!) are waking up after 2020 to discover we have relaxed our healthy habits and commitment to personal wellness. You may not know this, but we are also business consultants. As such we work with entrepreneurs and small business owners to help them map our a plan for success and stick to it. To help kick off 2021, we thought we’d offer some help, advice, and tools to encourage you along your own health journey.


Examine your aspirations and the timing by which you’re hoping to achieve them – are they realistic considering the other commitments in your life right now? You will be more likely to succeed and stick to your guns if you set realistic goals.

How we are putting this to use in our life right now:

Candace has been recently gifted the book, The Bullet Journal Method, and is loving it! This book proposes an approach to personal organization involving journaling, scheduling, to-do lists, goal-setting, brainstorming, and other organizational exercises captured in pen and ink in a single paper notebook.


One of the first steps to overcoming a challenge is mapping out a path to success. What are your first steps? What tools are needed? Do you need to work on learning new skills? What are some attainable milestones to keep you challenged but not discouraged?

How we are putting this to use in our life right now:

This is one of the first steps we take with any client tackling new challenges in our business consulting practice, Combs Business Consulting. Why not call us today to book a free initial consultation and discuss how we can help you? Initial session is typically 20 min.


In today’s space of social distancing, it’s more important than ever to find your people for two main reasons – to find camaraderie and support for the trials and tribulations of your path to success as well as to feel needed by giving back to a micro-community who are focused on a similar outcome as you.

How we are putting this to use in our life right now:

Join our Facebook Wellness Group which we will be focusing on in the New Year! Meet other like-minded folks and get regular bits of inspiration from Candace and Dave!


Work at setting a positive inner voice. Learn to squash your personal demons by identifying them early on and silencing them before they gain any sort of influence over your mindset.

How we are putting this to use in our life right now:

Working on your health & wellness helps with depression, anxiety and a general feeling of inner peace. Sign up for our Monday Motivation newsletter to get a little love in your inbox each week. We will also be embarking on a wellness journey for the new year and will be inviting you to join us! Rename their CBC newsletter this, update the pop up sign up box and also put it on the website somewhere accessible via a link.


Consistency of effort is key to overcoming a challenge. The very nature of undertaking a challenge involves accepting that you want to change your lifestyle or habits in order to improve your life. It will be easy and tempting to slide back into previous habits, and if you are to succeed you will need to continue along the newly refined path till you reach your goals.

How we are putting this to use in our life right now:

We find that showing up for others is incredibly inspiring and encourages us to be persistent in our efforts. Our clients are why we show up. We love you!


There are only so many hours in the day. To prevent burnout and optimize your efforts, examine your energy expenditure and focus efforts to attain what is most important to you.

How we are putting this to use in our life right now: We are firm believers in doing what’s most important first, which is probably why we each start our day with the awesome nutrition that’s in Shakeology and we aspire to workout every morning as well. Email Candace to get some of this shake goodness in your life.

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