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San Francisco Examiner Spotlights In-Symmetry Spa As Spokesperson for Local Wellness Industry

Candace Combs speaks about the effects of COVID-19 closures on the local massage industry to the San Francisco Examiner:

“As an industry dominated by women and minorities, whose businesses have collapsed or barely hung on, this legislation comes at a critical time for small businesses and massage services in San Francisco,” said In-Symmetry Spa co-owner and CEO Candace Combs, who is also chair of the San Francisco Massage Council. “It finally recognizes what has been true all along, that massage is a part of medical and health services. The changes to the conditional use regulations represent an important first step in preventing our industry from being zoned out of existence.”

Candace Combs massage therapist and owner of In-Symmetry Spa
Photo credit: Kevin N. Hume/S.F. Examiner

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